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PSSST I have something to tell you...we have some new bags *miniparty* !

The back pack

Now I know what your thinking, 'damn should of kept my old backpack from all those years ago'.

Yes, can you believe it? That reliable, once ridiculed backpack has made a comeback, it has been re-invented and is now more stylish than ever! Just take a look at this one by Marc b:

 (Buy now) 

(Angie's Pick of the week! )

The Tote

Finally a tote-ally (ok didn't work) fantastic way to remain classy and still  be able to carry everything you ever needed!


(Buy now)


The Bucket

For something different this season, the bucket bag is the perfect choice to carry off that nonchalant, yet stylish understated look!

(Buy now)


Shop now for bags at Angies-Boutique x

See what bags are making an appearance on the Catwalk at


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OK so I know this is nothing to do with fashion but I would just like to congratulate Team GB on thier amaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzing performances yesterday! #Jess Ennis #Mo Farah #Greg Rutherford

You had us all on the edge of our seats guys WELL DONE!

Picture courtesy of Dave Catchpole

Studs and Crosses!

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Studs and crosses are two of this summers biggest fashion statements!


Take a look at some of the fabulous variations I have seen and love:



 Pictures and items from:

Angies-Boutique" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Reverse" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> La La Fashion


Love Angie x


Keywords: Shorts,Studded,Cross,Reverse,Shirts

Lyle & Scott Fashion show ;)

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Pictures courtesy of Nayo-Soul Make up x

Festival Fever!

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Inspired by this weekends Parklife festival in Manchester I decided to write a blog on nothing other than festival fashion!

Yes that's right it's time to break out the facepaint, chunky jewellrey, aztec and tribal prints and be ready to get down in the mud! Get set to see shabby short shorts, studded collars and  trilbys a plenty this festival year as it's set to be a summer of fun!

 Festival fashion...The fashion world is ready but are you?h

Here are some pics to get you in the festival spirit:




 Festival fever gear!

 Festival Freaks!



Muddy Boots!


Violin playing fox? 

Check out festival fashion now at:

Angies boutique






 Click here for more info about this years festivals!

Love Angie x



Angie in NYC

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Hay peeps so I went to NYC for the 3rd time (I love the frickin city!) and had to post this picture that I took as I drove by in a taxi! Cool isn't it :D 

Angie @Timesquare!


Have any cool pics that you'd like to share from your travels?
Let me know I'd love to see :)


Love Angie ! X

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